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We are here to help you simplify your life.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could relax and rest assured that your bills are getting paid on time and your accounts are in balance? To have someone call and settle all those unasked questions you have about bills or services you receive? To make sure you are not a victim of identity theft and if you are what to do about it? We are a second set of eyes to protect you or your loved ones’ daily financial life. We will help you free up your valuable time!


Our objective is to protect you from potential financial scams, give you an accurate accounting of where you stand in your bills and your accounts at all times, help you create a payment plan or budget if needed and work with you on creating organized up to date reports for your CPA at tax time.


We serve seniors, the family of seniors, busy families, disabled adults, those who have a medical illness, even if temporary, those who went through a life changing event such as death or divorce, single parents and small businesses. Pretty much anyone who is overwhelmed with all the paperwork needed to manage their financial life


Our services are available to clients from West Bloomfield, Bloomfield Hills, Rochester, Farmington Hills, Southfield, Birmingham, Novi, Commerce, White Lake and surrounding communities. If you are outside of this local area, please contact us for availability.



About The Book’s Keeper LLC


What is the Book’s Keeper? The Book’s Keeper is a daily financial assistant for you or your loved ones.  In addition to financial services we offer services in many other areas. An extra set of eyes, someone to hold your hands or reassure you or your loved one. An extra person to help you with minor computer issues, or assist with a cell phone, emails or digital pictures.  A house watcher, mail sorter or delivery receiver. Other services include handling billing disputes, working out a budget or a payment plan, setting up auto bill pay, creating a safe password system and setting up financial software if needed. Plus so much more.

Who would benefit most from our services?

  • Senior citizens or families of senior citizens who have lost the ability to keep up with paperwork in daily affairs, or don’t have anyone in town to help

  • Anyone who prefers to spend their time enjoying family, friends, retirement, etc

  • Busy professionals or those who travel often

  • Someone going through a life-changing event such as a divorce or death

  • Those with a serious medical condition

  • A person with a disability who needs help to remain independent

  • Small businesses who need bookkeeping help



Our services are available short term or long term with no commitment. THE FIRST HOUR CONSULTATION IS FREE! We set up a schedule that works for you monthly, bi-weekly or weekly or just as needed. The service is personalized to the client’s needs at your house or place of business. And references are provided and highly encouraged.


A message from Anne:

Hi! I’m Anne Rosen, president and founder of The Book’s Keeper LLC. I started this business a few years ago after realizing my special needs daughter would never be able to manage her own finances. At about the same time, both personally and professionally, I witnessed other seniors who were once accomplished business professionals struggling with billing disputes, paying important bills late, bouncing checks and even facing large penalties for forgetting to take a required minimum distribution on time . I realized there were other adults with special needs who were probably overwhelmed by the paperwork required if they were receiving governmental benefits and who would need help managing their money to be independent. And other families with seniors that may not live locally or would prefer to keep the peace in their family by hiring outside help. My goal in creating The Book’s Keeper LLC is to protect all these vulnerable people from making financial mistakes and from falling victim to scams, fraud and other banking chaos


I began my career in Merchandising after earning a B.S from Michigan State University. I spent many of my early years as both a manager and a buyer for both Jacobsons and Hadley Arden stores.  Using my skills preparing various reports and analyzing selling trends, I started a new career.  I became the billing supervisor and office manager and worked at multiple companies. For the last 10+ years, I’ve worked in all facets of the bookkeeping business for medical, legal and technical companies. That led to my desire to make a difference and help people organize their financial lives which I have been doing for the last 5 years.  I learned early on in my retail career that customer service was the key to success. I LOVE my job and my clients and they love me! I get thanked every single day. It doesn’t get much better than that!

When I’m not working, I love traveling, going to art fairs and spending time with my husband, two daughters, and our “furry son”, our Havanese.


I look forward to helping you organize your financial life.

  • Balance and reconcile bank accounts online or paper statements

  • Review credit card statements for accuracy

  • Pay bills and prepare checks for clients signature 

  • Setup and manage online banking and bill pay 

  • Prepare deposits and deliver checks to bank


  • Decipher medical insurance bills and verifying proper processing of claims 

  • Check accounts for unusual activity and monitor for fraud 

  • Manage incoming mail, purge junk mail and shred sensitive information




  • Produce financial reports in Quicken software such as expense by category, charitable donations, interest received, fees paid, utility reports, etc. 

  • Create and utilize an efficient filing system for paperwork 

  • Organize and deliver information to CPA for tax preparation 

  • Handholding and reassurance

Additional Services


I can also assist with basic cell phone and computer issues, creating phone and computer backups to protect data, help with managing emails, contacts, and maintaining digital photo storage.




It is my pleasure to offer the highest recommendation for Anne. I have known Anne for the past 4 years. We have worked closely together on financial accounting matters. Anne is professional, dependable, loyal and trustworthy! In this time I have seen Anne as a sensitive and caring person. No matter the task: business or of a personal nature I give my unqualified recommendation.
Stephanie K.
Bloomfield Hills, MI
In just a handful of visits, Anne has become my bookkeeping life-saver. She has assessed my record-keeping needs, organized accounts and registers, completed data entry and is now generating year-end reports of four separate accounts. She conducts her business and completes her task in a professional manner but what I appreciate most is Anne's warm, cheerful and charming personality. Her rates are very reasonable and Anne has demonstrated she is worth every penny. I highly recommend Anne, The Books Keeper.
Julene V.
Metamora, M


Anne came highly recommended to fill the position of bookkeeper for my business after my bookkeeper became ill. Because of Anne’s experience in Quick Books, she was able to take the chaos left behind from months of neglect and successfully close my year end in a short amount of time. Anne worked well with my CPA. She is  efficient, dependable, respectful  and very professional.   I would recommend her for any bookkeeping need.

 Robert Z.

Birmingham, MI


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Daily Money Manager (DMM)?

A DMM is a professional who provides assistance to individuals with their day to day household finances.

If I hire a DMM, do I still need an accountant, lawyer, or social worker?

Yes. A DMM does not take the place of professionals in accounting. law or social service fields. Their work complements that of the professionals and does not replace it.

Why do I need a DMM?

A daily money manager can assist you with whatever area you need help in, whether it is bookkeeping, banking, troubleshooting billing or other issues, computer help, or organizing your paperwork. Generally, they help keep you on top of your financial life ensuring everything is handled in a timely manner. We also help keep the peace in many families, so one family member doesn’t have to take on the burden or answer to the other family members.


Once I hire a DMM, what am I committed to?

Absolutely nothing.  We will work on a specific job  until  it is complete or on a continued basis.  It is your choice.


Will I still have access to all my financial records and banking?

Of course.  You never lose control over your accounts, and actually a DMM can often help you keep your independence longer because with a weekly or bi-monthly visit we can maintain your bills and banking, helping you avoid errors and keep concerned family members happy.


How do you charge for your services?

Generally, services are paid bi-weekly on an hourly basis and depend upon the complexity of the job. There is a minimum of a 3 - 4 hour commitment per day.  Other payment arrangements can also be worked out in advance.


Why do I need a DMM if I already use online banking and bill pay from my bank?

Online banking and bill pay is a great service but it does not show you an accurate up to date balance. It also does not replace the eyes and ears of someone monitoring your accounts for fraud, handling disputes, adjusting payment schedules or balancing your account.  A DMM saves you time and hassles.


Can I have my bills sent to you?

Depending on your preference, the services provided are generally done at your home or your place of business so that everything stays with you and under your control, so no need to send bills to me. Place of service is flexible and can be worked out in advance.


Do you offer any additional services?

Yes, depending on the task.  Delivering mail to post office, depositing checks at bank, dropping off taxes at CPA’s office are all very commonly included in the DMM business. Additional tasks outside the scope of work could include buying office supplies, shipping packages, checking mail and house while client is away, and some small computer or cell phone issues all come to mind as things clients have requested in the past. All agreed upon tasks would be listed in the consulting agreement we both sign upon commencement of service.


Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes.  Confidentiality is extremely important to us and we take it very seriously. We will not exchange, distribute, or share any information about a client to any third party, unless the client gives us express authorization to do so. And that includes the sharing of information about a client with their other professional partners – CPAs, attorneys, and financial advisors. Even family members.


Do you have references?

Yes.  We can provide you with a list of clients and even personal or professional references.

The Book's Keeper LLC

West Bloomfield, MI 48323

Tel: 248.672.1122

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